Generating Social Media Post Ideas for Language Schools

Generating Social Media Post Ideas for Language Schools
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Generating Social Media Post Ideas for Language Schools

Coming up with ideas of what to post on your school’s social media networks can be overwhelming especially when you are teaching, running the school, doing meetings and so on.

Due to this, it may happen that you post something for the sake of posting. However, deep inside you know that it has very little to offer followers and it has no added value to the school’s social media marketing. For this reason, it is worth considering that posting just to keep the feed going could be counterproductive. The result can be that your social media presence is perceived as “average” or mediocre by prospective students. What’s more, this is a waste of your little free time because it won’t bring the results you need and deserve. Stop posting and praying and start marketing your language school on social media.

Hi, I’m Gina Rodriguez. I’m a Marketing Consultant specialized in language education with 25+ years in the ELT sector.

I help language schools and independent language professionals build an engaging social media presence through training, consultancy and tailored social media strategies. Explore my ELT Marketing services. There are packages for everyone!

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If you plan lessons, you can plan posts!

Instead, I would suggest that, in the same way, you sit down and plan your lessons, do take time to plan your social media. This means “investing” time now and saving time during your busiest weeks. In the same way that you sometimes move away from your lesson plan carried away by students’ questions or requests,  you might find yourself moving away from your social media posting plan too. This can happen because you are responding to unexpected needs or events. This is absolutely fine as long as you stick to your strategy in the long run.

In other words, a social media strategy for a language school or freelancer means that there’s an objective, a clear plan on how to achieve it and by when. As well as this, there is also a way to measure the results at the end. If you are a teacher doing social media for a language school or for yourself, then think about planning a social media strategy as if you were planning lessons for a course.

Assuming that you have a social media strategy for your language school in place, you now need inspiration and ideas of what to post on your school’s social media networks. To illustrate what I mean, imagine that it is like thinking of what questions you will use in class to teach a specific point!

Where to start to get post ideas for your language school’s social media?

The answer is simple … Start with you, your school and your students!

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In order to help you, I have prepared a mind map with prompts and a worksheet in the hope to give you a starting point to generate ideas of what to post. Download the FREE WORKBOOK and start generating social media post ideas that help you market your langauge school.

Download Generating Post Ideas Workbook now.

My suggestion to get started with post ideas is to focus on four key areas of your language school or freelance activity:

Frequently Asked Questions: here you will list all the F.A.Q you, your teachers and your admin get and transform the answer to those  F.A.Qs in posts to keep your students, parents and prospective students informed so that when they come to you they will be ready to enrol.

Teachers: it is crucial that your prospective students see how good, friendly and supporting your team or yourself are. For this reason, posting about them or having them introduce themselves in a brief video, for instance, will make your prospective students feel more confident in approaching you. On the mind map above, you will find some ideas of what you can post about your teachers (with their consent of course!). There are also ideas on what they could contribute if they are happy to engage with your school’s social media networks.

Identity: Social media is a powerful tool to help you to position your language school in the public’s mind. What do you want people to think when they hear your school’s name? That is what positioning means. One way of helping you to position your school is by sharing about your accreditations, achievements and purpose. As well as this, do share all the excellent and hard work done behind the scenes. This is extremely important to create and sustain trust.

Students: your current and past students’ testimonials work examples and results will do wonders in helping you endorse what you claim about your school in the “identity” and “teachers”  sections of the mind map. Therefore, these will also generate trust in your prospective students which is actually more powerful because it comes from students like them.

How to start generating post ideas for your language school’s social media?

To start generating ideas for your social media posts download the FREE WORKBOOK now and put pen to paper!

  1. Brainstorm as many ideas as possible inspired by the prompts
  2. Write your ideas on the worksheet
  3. Match the best post ideas to your objectives (save the other for other objectives!)
  4. Choose where to post* (based on where your prospective students are on social media)
  5. Decide on the tone and style based on the social network and your own identity.
  6. Determine the format of the post: photo, graphics, video, gif?
  7. Create your posts and schedule them

NB *To decide where to post have a look at this article: Which social media should you use to market a language school?

Now you are ready to stop stressing out about not having ideas of what to post! Start enjoying posting on social media and seeing results! However, if you are unsure of the next steps, do get in touch. I can help you with creating graphics, scheduling and crafting your social media captions.

For consultancy or training do get in touch with me. Drop me a line here to book a video call and find out how I can support you with my ELT marketing services.

graphic of Gina Rodriguez, ELT Marketing Consultant for Language Schools
Gina Rodriguez, ELT Marketing Consultant for Language Education
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