10 Steps to Refresh Your Language School’s Social Media

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10 Steps to Refresh Your Language School’s Social Media

It’s a new season and new seasons always bring along a new energy, making it the perfect time to bring new energy also into your social networks. In the same way we tidy up our homes and get rid of clutter, our social media networks also benefit from a good spring cleaning. Have you ever done one for your social networks?

Working alongside language schools I know that there’s never enough time for optimizing social media although it is an important asset for the success of your language school marketing.

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Hi! I’m Gina Rodriguez and the founder of GR School Marketing. I support language schools in building an engaging social media presence through training and tailored marketing strategies.

Vision: I believe that successful language schools are the ones that teach the language as a tool that empowers students . My services are designed to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation so that schools can thrive and every unique offer can be showcased effectively online.

Even schools that have an in-house marketing team may overlook this aspect because it is very easy to be carried away by the multiple daily tasks of a language school marketing team! But I’m here to remind you that now it’s the time do refresh your networks!

In this article I’m going to share ten steps that will help busy language schools’ front office and social media teams do a good spring cleaning of their socials to obtain a fruitful social media presence especially in view of the eminent summer courses campaigns.

Here are ten easy-to-apply ideas to refresh your language school’s social media marketing:

1. Update Profile Information

When was the last time you updated the info on the Instagram bio or on the LinkedIn featured section?  It’s key to check that the information there is accurate and that the CTAs are relevant. If you have your website link consider setting up a Linktree or similar to help profile visitors find the info and resources they’re looking for easily. On Instagram, Highlights are an important part of your profile so make sure they are all updated. To update Highlights with content from Stories either go to the Stories that are running and add them to the Highlights or go to Archive, find the Stories you want to add to Highlights and add them.

2.Optimize your profile for discoverability (a.k.a Social SEO)

“Gen Z prefer to research brands on social media over search engines when looking up brands”.

by eMarketer

You’ve probably noticed that social networks have a search function and people are using social networks for searching for info, services and brands. Therefore, optimizing your language academy’s social media profile with keywords is going to help you become discoverable. Make sure you use keywords in your handle, name and text in the bio and always add your location tag to Instagram posts. 

3. Update the Profile Photo & Cover

Your profile is like your business card and the reason why people decide to follow you so make sure the photos are representative and on brand. Now it’s the perfect time to update your Facebook or LinkedIn cover with some vibrant images that reflect what’s coming up in the next months, eg summer courses, study hols, workshops and so on. Think of the Facebook or LinkedIn cover as a shop window, if you like what you see in the window then you walk into the shop. If the cover triggers curiosity, then the potential student is inclined to check you out and go through your posts.

4. Protect your Accounts 🔐

This is often overlooked and it is vital to ensure the access of your pages. Double-check who has access to your social media accounts and remove those who no longer work with you. The last thing you want is someone locking you out of your page or making unwanted changes. I also recommend updating your passwords and activating the two-factor authentication. The more you can do to protect your accounts the better!

5. Weed out Bots 🤖

Check who is following you and if the profile looks dubious then remove them. The quality of your followers have an impact on the results of your paid campaigns especially when you create specific audiences to do retargeting.

6. Audit your content and check analytics 🔎

Have a look at what content has worked and what content hasn’t worked in marketing your language school on social media. By understanding this, you’ll be able to tweak your social media content plan for better marketing results. To do this check the insights. I also recommend using this  FREE Social Media Health-Check as it guides you to audit your socials and identify effective action points. 

cover for the free resource to Health Check Social Media of Networks of a Language School

Download and Use the  FREE Social Media Health-Check for Language Schools to:

  • Prioritize action points
  • Help you set SMART objectives 
  • Decide what you need to start&stop doing on social media

7. Refresh your graphics

If you use social media templates and have been using the same ones for a while, consider refreshing them a little. You want to stay on brand and at the same time you want to add a splash of new style to your posts.

Try modifying the style a little, combining your brand colours in a different way or simply adding new elements to your graphics which will give them a different feel. This can be done easily on Canva, however if you haven’t got the time or skills then outsource your social media templates to a graphic designer. Then all you have to do is to replace the wording or the photos and videos.

Social media networks are always releasing changes. Instagram and TikTok have rapidly changing trends, so it’s crucial to stay current. How can you keep up with trends and changes on social media? The answer is by hanging around on those platforms to get a feel of the style, mood and trends. What’s more,check the explore page, notice (save and use) the trending audios. Another way to keep up with changes and trends is by following the social newtworks social media pages and blogs. I personally follow the Instagram page of Linkedin, the WhatsApp channel of WhatsApp and the Instagram account of the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. 🤫

9. Sow new connections

A common mistake I see a lot in language school marketing on social media is a lack of initiative to connect with potential students and stakeholders. This is a missed opportunity so I’d suggest dedicating time to intentionally make new connections. As well as this, responding to comments and DMs is another important task that will help maintain your social media page alive and growing.

Pro Tip: allocate time at least once a week to engage with other accounts and connect.

10. Try new social media features and tools

Social media platforms offer a wide variety of features which language schools can use to market their courses that go beyond merely sharing a post on the feed. From Stories to Livestreams, there are various possibilities and it is worth trying them out to gain organic reach, followers and increase engagement. Have you tried doing livestreams? Are you using Stories to boost your language school marketing? Have you tried using stickers for engagement on Stories? Have you done any collabs? If not, I’d say add one of those into your strategy which will favour the social media marketing of your language academy.

By implementing these 10 steps, you can breathe new life into your language school’s social media marketing this spring. Not only will you see a healthier social media presence, but you’ll also create new connections with potential students and stakeholders.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new social media features and trends as you refine your language school marketing strategy. Social media is constantly evolving, so staying flexible and open to change will help you keep your social network fresh and engaging.

I’d like to encourage you to take the first step today by updating your profile information or refreshing your graphics and covers. As you continue to work through the list of the 10 Steps to Refresh Your Language School’s Social Media and in the FREE downloadable Social Media Health Check, you’ll discover new opportunities to grow your audience and effectively promote your language courses.

Finally, if you found this article helpful, feel free to share it and if you have questions put them in the comments below. For more tips and insights explore other articles on social media marketing for language schools in this blog.

Need support with your language school marketing strategy? I can help!🙋. Reach out at to fix a no-obligation discovery call.

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