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Looking for post ideas for your language school's social media?

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Are you a language school looking for social media video post ideas?

Find out what you need to start and stop doing on social media for the results you want for your ELT services.

Optimize WhatsApp for better customer service and more course sales in ELT.

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Social Media networks I can help you with

Facebook for Schools

Facebook is the social media platform where parents and a good proportion of your potential students spend a lot of time. Check my blog to find inspiration to tweak your account and stand out from the crowd.

Instagram for Schools

Do you have an Instagram account for your language school? Reach, connect and engage with Millenials (but not only!) through this popular platform. Follow my blog for unique ideas, tips and tricks.

Linkedin for Schools

LinkedIn is an invaluable platform to build trust and showcase your expertise in ELT. Stop missing many opportunities to gain prospective students via this powerful social media channel. Check my blog now and start working on your LinkedIn profile for good.

WhatsApp for Schools

WhatsApp is the second most used platform in Italy and the only platform ALL of your students use everyday. Check my blog and find time-saving tricks to help you nurture existing students, improve customer service and keep high up in the mind of past students.
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