Let me introduce myself

Hi! I'm Gina.

I started my career in ELT as a qualified English language teacher and worked in language schools in different countries for ten years. Then I started working in educational publishing in ELT and was an Educational Consultant for various publishers including Oxford University Press. In 2018 I gained a marketing qualification as a “Social Media Marketing Specialist” from Europa Innovation Business School and started my journey in digital marketing.

My ELT story so far

I’ve been in the language school sector for over twenty years now and have had the privilege to experience it in various roles: self-access centre manager, project manager, teacher trainer and sales and marketing consultant.

During the pandemic, I saw many language schools struggled to find ways to attract new students and many turned to social media with little or no success. In my conversations with directors of studies and school owners, I could sense the frustration with social media results and digital marketing.

In 2021, I decided to help these schools by blogging about social media marketing and education trends. The blog bridges the gap between ELT and marketing and positions itself as a specialist blog in digital marketing for language services. My blog soon became an inspiration and a reference for language schools to promote their language courses.

In 2022 I became an independent ELT Marketing Consultant. Today I help language schools learn about social media marketing, sales strategy and course innovation to build brand awareness and increase enrolments. I offer social media marketing training, professional talks, tailored marketing strategies and consultancy. 

Here's what makes my services unique

My expertise in the ELT market combined with my consultative sales and digital marketing skills are an invaluable asset I can bring to language schools that want to thrive in a competitive market. Underpinning my work, there is my passion for quality education and my strong desire to see language schools continuing to transform people’s lives through English language teaching.

On a personal note

I live in Treviso, Italy with my husband and two children. In my free time, you’ll find me gardening or having a coffee in the sunshine. When I’m not in Treviso I’m somewhere in nature, either on the Dolomites or at the seaside.

Thrive in today’s ELT market

Social Media networks I can help you with:

Facebook for Schools

Facebook is the social media platform where parents and a good proportion of your potential students spend a lot of time. Check my blog to find inspiration to tweak your account and stand out from the crowd.

Instagram for Schools

Do you have an Instagram account for your language school? Reach, connect and engage with Millenials (but not only!) through this popular platform. Follow my blog for unique ideas, tips and tricks.

Linkedin for Schools

LinkedIn is an invaluable platform to build trust and showcase your expertise in ELT. Stop missing many opportunities to gain prospective students via this powerful social media channel. Check my blog now and start working on your LinkedIn profile for good.

WhatsApp for Schools

WhatsApp is the second most used platform in Italy and the only platform ALL of your students use everyday. Check my blog and find time-saving tricks to help you nurture existing students, improve customer service and keep high up in the mind of past students.

Start today growing your Social Media presence

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